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Taking care of your hair in summer? But how!

June 20, 2021

Prendre soin de ses cheveux en été? Mais comment! - RUNAK

Summer. The blue sky, the green nature, the sun and the heat. It’s the season perfectly associated with lightness, pleasure and femininity. As soon as the good weather returns, we take the opportunity to display the clothes in our wardrobe which offer more flexibility, lightness and finesse. An ideal time to bring out our sandals and flip-flops, it's also an opportunity to enjoy a manicure and pedicure and often, a little haircut.

But beyond preparing our look for the hot season, we must also take into account protecting our skin from the sun's rays. Did you know that hair is no exception?

Indeed, just like theskin , hair is sensitive to UV rays and different exposures during our summer activities. So, just like the sun, chlorine from the swimming pool, salt from the sea or even mosquito sprays can affect our hair. It is therefore essential to take just as much care of our hair as we take care of our skin. To help you avoid damaging your hair too much, here is a quick summary of the different sources of summer hair damage:

  • UV rays
  • Just like the skin, the sun has the effect of drying out the hair and scalp. The sun's rays are even able to penetrate the hair fiber and alter it deeply. Since conventional sunscreen is not suitable for the head, there are still products in oil form designed specifically for hair and which contain a high SPF.

    Wearing a beach hat or any other type of head covering is also a great way to protect our hair from UV rays.

    In addition to your hair, does your skin also suffer from the sun's rays? Aloe gel can also be a great solution for your skin care. We also recommend this one for our facial treatments.

  • Swimming pool chlorine
  • Swimming is one of our favorite summer activities. In order to benefit from clear and clean water, chlorine is the product most frequently used to treat water.

    Dipping in from time to time won't have a major effect, but if swimming is also part of your summer routine, the chlorine risks damaging your hair. Dryer hair and scalp, dandruff, finer, more porous or more brittle hair are some of the consequences of repeated exposure of hair to chlorinated water. Since chlorine removes all of the hair's natural oils , it can be very helpful to rinse your hair well before and after swimming. Immediate application of a conditioner is also recommended.

    A perfectly adapted after-sun routine, such as the application of a repairing oil , is also an excellent way to counter the harmful effects of chlorine on our beautiful hair.


  • Sea salt
  • The smell of the sea, the gentleness of the sea wind on our face, the effect of the beach sand under our feet and between our toes: is there nothing more summery than these different sensations?

    A trip to the beach is often accompanied by a swim in the sea. Enjoying the waves on a repetitive basis can also bring its share of inconveniences for our hair, which in some cases can be sensitive to the salt of the sea.

    For oilier hair, salt can be an ally (it is also marketed in certain hair products), acting as a freshener for the scalp. Sea water and seaweed moisturize the scalp thanks to the trace elements it contains. But be careful: this same water can also be an enemy for those who have naturally drier hair and a sensitive scalp.

    Just like with chlorine, it is therefore recommended to rinse your hair after swimming, apply conditioner and of course, include an after-sun hair routine in your evening routine.

  • Repeated rubbing
  • In winter season, our hair usually only sees the towel when washing hair. However, when summer is in full swing, every swim is an opportunity to wet our hair and dry it with our towel. Did you know that repeated friction causes hair damage? In fact, the hair fiber is even more fragile when wet and will tend to break under the effect of repeated friction. The same goes for the action of styling your hair while it is still wet. It is therefore essential to go gently using light pressure. And since it's summer, why not take advantage of it to let your hair dry naturally? A very simple action for which your hair will certainly be grateful.

  • The mosquito repellent
  • What could be more pleasant than enjoying summer nature and the different activities it has to offer us? On the other hand, we have all already been bothered by mosquitoes and other winged creatures looking for humans to bite. Whether hiking, camping, fishing or otherwise, mosquito repellent sprays are often essential so that our favorite activity does not leave us with a bitter feeling and endless itching.

    But beware! Commercial products contain several elements that can affect our skin and hair. It is therefore very important to take care not to spray such products directly on the skin, our scalp and our hair to avoid damaging our hair fiber. Instead, apply them to your clothes and your hat and if possible, use a homemade mixture made up of natural essential oils which will then be less damaging to your body (and the environment).

    Restorative oil


    In light of all this information about summer hair irritants, did you know that Runak has an excellent repairing and strengthening oil in Ungurahui , which can be used as the perfect summer routine? Long used by indigenous women of the Amazon, this dry oil penetrates the hair fiber and helps restore the health of the hair and scalp. It is therefore the ideal ally that will allow you to maintain all the beauty and health of your hair, without depriving you of the various activities that could affect it.

    hair repair oil

    Good summer!

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