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Bracelets - SILVER 950

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Peruvian art in 950 silver jewelry

950 silver is 95% pure silver, offering higher purity compared to other alloys. This results in exceptional shine and increased oxidation resistance.

950 silver bracelets from Peru are often made by artisans who are heirs to an ancient jewelry tradition. Each piece demonstrates the know-how and authenticity of Peruvian craftsmanship. These bracelets often incorporate designs inspired by the rich Peruvian culture, each piece tells a unique story.

Wearing a 950 silver bracelet from Peru allows you to express your style while celebrating Peruvian art and culture. Each piece is unique, which reinforces the personal character of your choice.

Giving or receiving a 950 silver bracelet from Peru can be a special and meaningful gift, enriched by the history and cultural beauty it represents.