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RUNAK 2024 VIP boxes: Total 5

🍃Winter in style: February 16

🍃Mother’s Day: April 16

🍃Under the sun: June 11

🍃Healthy Fall: September 10

🍃Christmas: November 12

Minimum of 4 products per box + gift

Why subscribe:

  1. Exclusivity and Personalization:

    • RUNAK VIP subscribers will have preview access to the latest trends and exclusive products.

    • Each box will be carefully personalized based on subscribers' individual preferences (flavor, color, design), providing a unique experience for each customer.

  2. Quality and Originality :

    • All products included in the RUNAK VIP box will be of the highest quality, carefully selected to surprise and delight our customers.

  3. Added Value and Savings:

    • VIP subscribers will benefit from preferential rates and significant savings compared to purchasing the products included in the box individually.

    • Each box will be designed to provide added value well beyond the cost of the subscription, providing a beneficial shopping experience.

  4. Community and Exclusive Events:

    • VIP RUNAK subscribers will be part of an exclusive community, providing them with the opportunity to share their experiences, participate in special events and interact with other enthusiasts.

    • Exclusive online events, such as meet-and-greet sessions to make the box reveal every time.

  5. Long-Term Commitment:

    • The annual subscription to the VIP box reflects our long-term commitment to our customers. We seek to establish a lasting relationship based on trust and continued satisfaction.

  6. Surprise gift :
  7. Take part in the draw for our next new RUNAK product next March. There will be a winner among the subscribers

The RUNAK VIP Box Annual Subscription offers more than just a surprise box – it's an exclusive, personalized experience full of premium surprises. Join our VIP community to experience an unparalleled shopping adventure!


When you subscribe, you are entitled to receive 5 RUNAK VIP boxes during the year 2024. You have payment options.

If you buy in:

1 payment , you have a rebate of $143 = One payment

2 payments, you have a rebate of $92 = Two payments, one today and the other at the end of February 2024

3 payments , you have a rebate of $75 = Three payments, one today the other two at the end of February, end of March 2024

4 payments , you have a rebate of $51 = Four payments, one today the other three, end of February, end of March and end of April 2024

For the multiple payments option, an invoice will be sent each month for payment

Regular price of each VIP box is $144 before taxes, if you don't want to have the annual subscription.

Free shipping in Canada for annual subscriptions


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