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Imagine a world where skincare is not just about pampering ourselves, but also about honoring our connection to nature. Welcome to the kingdom of RUNAK, an extraordinary eco-friendly skincare company founded by Maria, a true Peruvian spirit. Inspired by ancient Inca traditions, the very name “RUNAK” embodies the essence of being human and the vitality of our precious skin.

At RUNAK, we firmly believe that nature has given us an extraordinary gift - the power to heal our skin and protect our planet simultaneously. Guided by this belief, we embark on a remarkable journey to bring the revered ingredients of Incan civilization from the lush depths of the Peruvian Amazon to the vibrant landscapes of Canada.

With great respect for the wisdom of our ancestors, we make exceptional products that nourish not only the skin on our face, but also that of our body and our hair. Our range is meticulously formulated using traditional Incan ingredients, carefully chosen to unleash the generosity of nature and the transformative power it holds.

At each stage of the making of these treasures, the earth is close to our hearts. Sustainability and eco-responsibility are at the heart of our philosophy. From the meticulous sourcing of our ingredients to our commitment to ethical practices, we ensure that each creation embodies our reverence for Mother Nature.

Join us on this incredible adventure, where we celebrate the harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern skincare science. Let's embark together on a journey of self-care, where your radiant skin becomes a testament to the power of nature and your commitment to a better world.

Embrace the essence of RUNAK, where the heritage of the Incas thrives and the beauty of our planet flourishes. Together we can redefine skincare and make a positive impact, one vibrant soul at a time.