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Our values

At RUNAK, we are passionate about promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in all aspects of our business. We are committed to sourcing our oils directly from the Peruvian Amazon, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development of agricultural initiatives in the San Martin region. By choosing our products, you actively support local communities, helping them maintain comfortable lifestyles and reduce poverty in these dynamic ecosystems.

To guarantee the highest quality and integrity of our oils, RUNAK has partnered with the largest supplier of precious oils in Peru. They adhere to rigorous standards and carry out meticulous quality checks at every stage, from planting to the harvesting process. These oils, which reflect the essence of nature's purity, are carefully handcrafted, preserving their authentic essence and ecological impact.

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, RUNAK adheres to best practices throughout its production and safety processes. We place great importance on traceability, ensuring that every product can be traced back to its origin. Additionally, our commitment to fair trade principles ensures that affected communities receive fair compensation for their invaluable contributions. Additionally, we pride ourselves on following organic regulations, growing our oils in harmony with nature, and minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals.

With every purchase of a RUNAK product, you become an advocate for preserving the environment, empowering local communities and promoting sustainable livelihoods. Together, we create positive impact, nourishing a future where the natural wonders of the Peruvian Amazon flourish and communities thrive in harmony with their environment.

Join us on an eco-friendly journey with RUNAK, where the gifts of nature intertwine with social responsibility, and where every choice we make nourishes both the planet and the people who inhabit it.