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September 13, 2022 1 Comment


The origin of essential oils dates back to the times of ancient Egypt. The Ebers Papyrus, the most important text for approaching ancient Egyptian medicine, mentions these oils to treat illnesses in the time of the Pharaohs. In fact, for thousands of years, these plants have been used to soothe burns or treat certain illnesses. Essential oils come from the roots of leaves, wood flowers or fruits of aromatic plants. Indeed, these plants can be our best allies since they have developed survival and protection mechanisms for humans. In addition to being useful for health, essential oils constitute the basis of what we call flavored oils.
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What is perfume oil?

Fragrance oils are oils produced for their pleasant fragrances which can be obtained from a small amount of essential oils mixed with carrier oil. Fragrance oil can also be essential oil diluted in a natural or synthetic carrier. This oil has a greasy and thick texture but as soon as we apply it to our skin it penetrates easily. Indeed, perfume oil contains dry oils, which is why there is no unpleasant greasy effect felt. Additionally, perfume oils are usually based on essential oils, making them 100% natural.

What are the benefits of fragrance oil?
The scented oil softens your skin since its application by massage stimulates blood circulation. It strengthens skin elasticity, hydrates the skin and maintains good hygiene.
Since aromatic oils are made manually, they are available in a wide variety of scents. In addition, their smell is often stronger and lasts longer than that of essential oils . It is also important to mention that using fragrance oils is eco-friendly.
How do we use this oil?
Since perfume oil is much more concentrated than perfume itself, it should only be used in very small quantities. In fact, a single application, whether on the neck or wrists, is enough for the fragrance to persist.
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Where do you find perfume oil?
Natural fragrance oils, also called aromatic oils, are used in several products. In fact, they are found in massage oils, soaps, shampoo, candles as well as skin care products which are made from oil. Additionally, they are used in crafts, perfumery and home fragrances.
What about perfume oil at Runak ?
If you are fanatic about perfume oils or want to try the experience, you can opt for our neroli perfume oil and
Purple. In fact, the latter is made from vegetable oils such as Brazil nut and almond and precious essential oils used for centuries. As mentioned above, one drop is enough for its attractive scent to permeate into the skin. Did you know that it can also be used on hair?
Not only will you have gently scented hair but it will also have added shine, softness and protection.
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Mireille Leclerc
Mireille Leclerc

December 06, 2022

En plus de parfumer cou et poignets, je mets très peu sous les aisselles en guise de déodorant. Contrairement au déodorant du commerce, ma peau ne réagit pas et est très efficace. J’adore tout simplement.

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