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7 ways to use Palo Santo, the sacred wood of Peru

August 24, 2022 1 Comment

7 manières d'utiliser le Palo Santo, bois sacré du Pérou - RUNAK

Used for millennia in South America, Palo Santo or holy wood in French contains purifying and soothing qualities.

Palo Santo, translated from Spanish as “holy wood”, is a tree found mainly in South and Central America. This little jewel of nature has healing, medicinal and spiritual abilities that have been known for thousands of years. This holy wood of Palo Santo has been used since the time of the Incas for its purifying and spiritual properties, for example in religious ceremonies. Runak 's Palo Santo comes from Trujillo and Piura, located on the north coast of Peru . Ethically harvested, this tree, sacred to Peruvians, is not cut during harvest. This only happens when the tree falls (dies) naturally. It is only after 3 or 4 years after the fall of the tree that its properties are manifested. Tradition has it that it is this long waiting period which contains the spiritual values ​​and olfactory flavor specific to healthy wood.

If you didn't know him, it's high time to get to know him! Here are some examples of the benefits and uses of Palo Santo.

Palo Santo

Remove negative energy or “mala energia” from your home

The high resin content releases its purifying properties when burned. South American shamanic folklore has it that Palo Santo removes negativity and obstacles to attract good fortune. To cleanse the energy of any space, simply light a stick using a candle, then extinguish the flame by gently shaking it in the air. White smoke will be emitted which will fill the room with beautiful energy and a delicious smell. You can add an intention, a prayer by circulating the smoke around the room. I say a little prayer in Spanish :):

“Light, life and love, may the spirit of good permeate throughout this space with the diffusion of the aroma of this holy wood”

To treat headaches you need to smell Palo Santo oils.

Mix Palo Santo oil with a carrier oil. Apply the mixture to your temples. This concoction stimulates the production of natural painkillers such as endorphins.

To fight colds you need to diffuse Palo Santo oil

In fact, inhaling the oils in hot water or in a diffuser relieves congestion, sore throats and inflammation.


To reduce stress

Palo Santo essential oil purifies the air and the mind. Its antimicrobial properties tend to soothe the nervous system reducing feelings of anxiety and can brighten the mood. This is a good way to clear the energy of your space.

Diffusing white smoke, soothes and calms the mind

Use it in your bedroom, during your yoga sessions, your moments of meditation or in any room to change the energy instantly. It's a nice gift to give to someone who is moving into a new house or apartment for example.

Wear as an accessory

Maintain a boost of aromatic energy wherever you go by wearing accessories made with this sacred wood. Being unisex, they can be worn by anyone, during your yoga and meditation sessions as well.

palo santo bracelets

We offer bracelets created with Palo Santo beads from Peru.

Drinking Palo Santo Tea May Help With Inflammation

Although there are no extensive studies on this, drinking Palo Santo tea may reduce inflammation and pain. And like many other teas, the ritual of sipping the drink can help calm an anxious mind.

As you can see, there are multiple uses for Palo Santo. This one is perfect for those of us seeking spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

You will love its aroma!

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May 30, 2024

Votre description du Palo Santo est superbe car elle est simple, concrète pour une belle utilisation des propriétés de ce bois magnifique et propose même des cadeau bien intentionné. Merci merci de partager autant de connaissances allant dans la direction tant souhaitée par la population qui souffre tellement de ne pas savoir comment trouver le calme, la détente et l’espoir d’un environnement saint pour eux. MERCI !!!

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