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A magical, energetic and sublime place MARAS (CUZCO-PERU)

February 24, 2020

Un endroit magique, énergetique et sublime MARAS (CUZCO-PÉROU) - RUNAK

Located in the Andes in Peru, the Maras Salt Flats (las Salinas Maras) are one of the most photographed wonders of the world. Breathtaking, they are the result of a miracle of nature and human ingenuity.

The Maras salt flats are the scene of a demonstration of cultural conservation, heritage and environmental protection. They put Peru in the spotlight because the salt produced there is a very fashionable product, prized for its medicinal benefits.

The creation of the Maras salt pans: science vs. myth


Coming from natural sources in the Andes, this salt has its origins in the ancient sea which covered the region several million years ago. Plate tectonics trapped it and it evaporated over time. The Maras salt pans are the vestiges.

The river flows into the salt pans located on the mountain slope. They are organized into basins (pozos) arranged like hanging rice fields. Salt extraction remains artisanal and is done as tradition dictates: by hand, for centuries, during the dry season. During the rainy season, artisans fortify the pools made of clay and stones.

The myth of Ayar Kachi

In Quechua the word for salt is Kachi. Legend has it that the 3 Ayar brothers are at the origin of the Inca empire. Ayar Kachi would have been betrayed by his two brothers who were jealous of his talents. They then deceived him and locked him in the Qaqawiñay mountain. The salt would therefore come from his tears.

Whatever version you choose (we opt for the version of Peruvian mythology), know that a new tradition has been born: anyone who visits the salt flats is baptized by tasting the water from the pools.

Salt production?

Only residents of the region have the right to operate. The extraction is not industrialized and remains 100% handmade, without any transformation process.

The salt is therefore raw, in its purest state. The owners and operators of the saltworks (socios) preserve these ancestral traditions. As you can see below, the Maras salt mines are magnificent.


In fact, it is not just a salt production factory, but an archaeological site as well as a source of economic growth in the region.

Today it is increasingly difficult to find pure ingredients, created using sustainable and responsible agriculture. In this context, in which the majority of ingredients and foods are soiled, the Maras commodity brings a nice grain of salt to several areas of our lives.

5 Easy Ways to Use This Superfood

The properties of Maras salt (also called pink Maras salt) are multiple. It is an agent against hypertension. It contains nearly 80 minerals including calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium, excellent and essential for promoting good health.

1. In your meals

Whether you have a sweet or salty tooth, Maras salt goes with all your dishes. The trace elements present in this salt can fight several ailments including anemia, cavities and inflammation. Already used in Peruvian gastronomy, Maras salt is an excellent alternative to refined table salt.

2. As an exfoliant

The minerals contained in Maras salt have properties that help blood circulation and rebalance pH. Use this salt to exfoliate the skin to fight signs of aging and firm theskin .

3. Bath salts

It acts as a muscle relaxant. Its anti-inflammatory and energizing qualities make Maras salt (Salinas de Maras) an essential asset to add to your beauty routine.

4. Take your palate on a journey

Cook ceviche , Peruvian national dish. Accompany it with a little Maras salt to finish for a healthy and authentic culinary experience.

5. An offering

Give it as a gift as a decorative object: for history geeks, what a nice touch to have a part of the history of the Inca people at home!

If you ever have the chance to visit this region, tag us in your photos (@runakcanada) to share this moment together!

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