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Healthy actions to adopt during this time

July 06, 2020

Les gestes santé à adopter durant ce temps-ci - RUNAK

We are going through difficult and unprecedented times. For several months we excluded ourselves from the world, we practiced barrier gestures to protect our health but also that of others. With this new way of living, many of us still experience a lot of worry and uncertainty, creating an anxiety-provoking environment, which will ultimately be bad for our health. In the midst of a health crisis, our goal must be to keep our immune system intact as much as possible! We therefore offer you some simple beauty gestures to put into practice during this time of year.

Exercising to boost happy hormones

Several hormones have positive effects on our mood and these can be activated deliberately. Physical exercise increases the level of serotonin in our body naturally. This brain neurotransmitter modulates mood and gives us a boost of energy, vitality and dynamism. You only need to exercise 10 minutes a day to feel the stimulating effect that lasts for hours. So go for a walk in the park to enjoy a nice walk or organize virtual sports sessions with friends or family!

Take a sunbath

The synthesis of vitamin D strengthens our immune system. This equips us to better fight infections, microbes and inflammation, present in the majority of autoimmune diseases. For a unique experience, get up at dawn to see the sun rise. A good rest outside to maybe get some color :) and relax (15 minutes is enough) and finish with a swim in the pool if you can afford it.

The sun range would be your ally


Meditation has been proven to help with stress and anxiety since ancient times. Drive the heaviness of your daily life from your mind, even if only for a moment, to reconnect with yourself. Learn to truly relax by distancing yourself from the outside world to keep away anxiety-provoking factors. Knowing that stress aggravates risk factors for diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, hypertension and more), incorporating a meditation routine will have a notable impact on health.


Essential oils act on our physiological body. Their effect is also felt on emotional and energetic levels. Indeed, smells bring us back to sensations or emotions. Thus certain smells have the power to awaken certain emotions in us.

We have a particular preference for peppermint (stimulating in cases of physical and mental fatigue) and lavender (helps in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression).

Neroli (orange blossom) floral water has a unique floral scent that helps calm the mind and facilitate sleep. Positive, this floral water helps recharge the nervous system.

Install a eucalyptus plant in the shower

We love this unusual way of using this plant, rich in so many virtues. Hang a eucalyptus branch in your shower and observe the phenomena: relax as much as possible, but also enjoy the benefits of the plant. Activated by hot water vapors, eucalyptus releases essential oils which help relieve congestion. Goodbye to colds and nasal problems!

Runak always wishes you only happiness

Enjoy the life that is unique!

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