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7 Runak products to maintain super hydration of the skin in summer

July 27, 2022

7 produits Runak pour maintenir une super belle hydratation de la peau en été - RUNAK

No matter the season of the year, hydration is essential for luminous, soft and healthy skin . However, in summer, different factors including ultraviolet rays, high heat, wind, chlorinated water or salt water can impact the condition of our skin. To prevent it from becoming dry and sensitive, you must moisturize it regularly.

First of all, we start with good hydration inside. If you don't like water alone, I advise you to add 1/2 lemon, lime, mint or even small seasonal fruits to give a pleasant taste to your water. All you need is one and a half liters of water every day. Otherwise, you can add fruits rich in water such as watermelon, pineapples, oranges, strawberries or even kiwis to your diet.

We present to you some of our products suitable for the hot season to maintain healthy, illuminated and well-hydrated skin.

A good skincare routine: intense anti-aging hydration


  • Moisturizing light cream

Based on Kakadu plum extract and biomimetic peptides, Runak 's hydrating light cream has been specially designed to help with hydration. Thus, it nourishes the skin to give it a soft appearance and reduces the signs of aging.

  • Concentrated synergy serum

Featuring a formula more concentrated in key ingredients than the day cream, this intensive treatment is used to reinforce the action of the treatment with which it is associated, such as our day cream or our oily serums.

  • Anti-aging eye contour care

Based on our exotic Cupuaçu butter and enriched with sodium hyaluronate and algae polysaccharides, this treatment aims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness as well as to preserve the youthfulness of the eyes by providing a remarkable radiance in this very important area of ​​our face.

Moisturize your skin before and after exposure to the sun


After hours exposed to the sun, ourskin becomes fragile and dry. This is why it is crucial to opt for this range of four products which will not only illuminate your skin but which will hydrate it, providing light.

  • Tanning oil

This oil made from Aguaje, jojoba, apricot and sesame naturally protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. This product gives the skin a golden color for a natural and radiant complexion that persists.

  • Mist before or after sun

Designed for all skin types, this mist hydrates, refreshes and soothes the skin. Leaving a natural Neroli fragrance, this product can be used before, during or after being exposed to the sun.

  • After-sun oil

This oil is used to repair and soothe our skin after exposure to the sun. It also naturally hydrates the skin and leaves it soft.

  • Tan extender balm

This balm containing nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients keeps your skin softened, illuminated and hydrates your skin. Made with Aguaje oil , this treatment helps prolong the duration of the golden tan and a natural shine.

As a matter of fact, hydration is important to maintain soft and luminous skin. Whether for your skincare or tanning routine, take the time to include these Runak products for healthier skin.

Which of these products do you want to try?

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