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PALO SANTO from Peru - Sticks


Sacred Palo Santo wood sticks for well-being and purification, from Peru.

Used for centuries by the Inca civilization, this wood is used in particular during religious ceremonies and traditional rites. It is said to help one communicate with the gods and the Pachamama (Madre Tierra) as well as ward off evil spirits and negative energy. Today, we use Palo Santo to purify space and protect ourselves from bad energies.

This Palo Santo comes from Peru from a 100% ethical and sustainable source.

Qty: 6 sticks or 10 sticks

Palo Santo is good for:

* Purify space

* Well-being

* The mind

* Good energy

* Meditation


Use: Use a candle to light the stick, let it light for a few seconds and then turn it off.