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Our founder

I came into this world in Peru, blessed by a family that cherishes life and reveres the limitless wonders of nature. In the heart of Peru, where the majestic Pacific Ocean embraces the towering Andes, thrives a treasure trove of natural resources and extraordinary remedies. We deeply believe in the healing power of nature, as we recognize that reconnecting with the earth is essential to nourishing the spirit, rejuvenating the body and soothing the soul. Throughout the ages, Peru's diverse landscapes have given its people a range of methods to care for their skin and well-being, relying on the most abundant natural solutions and purest products . Like countless generations before me, I have had the privilege of appreciating the healing and preventative properties woven into the tapestry of our country's flora from a young age.

However, fate led me to Quebec towards the end of 2007, and it was there that I faced a personal struggle with adult acne. Despite the allure of expensive creams and fancy treatments, they failed to relieve my skin. Desperate, I turned to the timeless wisdom of my ancestors and resorted to ancient remedies to heal my troubled skin.

As my skin transformed, I began to become passionate about nature and plants. I became determined to seek out high-quality natural products that could mirror the miraculous treatments I had experienced in Peru. This is how my trip aroused in me a fervor, a desire to introduce Canada to the sacred traditions of natural healing and the ethereal realm of Peruvian botanical pharmacology. In 2015, RUNAK was born in the heart of Quebec, a manifestation of my unwavering passion. I have made it my noble mission to not only make exceptional, all-natural skin care products, but also to impart knowledge and enlightenment. Our products are crafted from exotic oils, cherished by the ancient Incas for centuries, whose remarkable qualities are harnessed to produce extraordinary results.

Your unwavering support for RUNAK fills my heart with gratitude. Together, let's embark on a journey of holistic rejuvenation, where the embrace of nature blends with ancestral wisdom to unveil the true radiance within us.
With my sincere thanks,