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Pendant - SILVER 950


Peruvian art in 950 silver jewelry

THE jewelry from Peru are traditionally Made from 950 silver , it is the highest grade of purity used to make silver jewelry . We find pieces of jewelry paired with polished and well-cut natural and semi-precious stones.

A small collection inspired by elegance, color and authenticity

The Chakana, also known as the "Andean Cross" or the "Inca Cross", is an ancient and sacred symbol that has deep meaning in Andean culture, particularly in Peru.

It is attributed to him the relationship of ALL, represents the very close links which unite heaven and earth.

  • Also represents our connection to heaven and Earth
  • The four main arms of the Chakana represent in particular the four cardinal directions, the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) like the four seasons of Nature
  • The central point of the Chakana is sometimes considered the cornerstone or central point around which everything revolves. It represents unity and balance
  • Symbolizes harmony and balance between opposing forces, creating a stable and coherent cosmic order.
  • Some consider the Chakana to be a symbol of protection and positive energy. It is sometimes worn as a talisman or used in the decoration of sacred objects.

The Tumi is an emblematic symbol of Peru, associated with the Moche civilization.

  • Due to its use in important ceremonies, the Tumi is often considered a symbol of power, authority and high status within Mochica society.
  • Some researchers suggest that Tumi may also have been associated with healing ceremonies, symbolizing the ability to heal and restore health
  • Tumis are considered exceptional works of art.
  • In modern culture, Tumi is sometimes considered a talisman of good fortune and is used in jewelry and souvenirs

The llama is an emblematic animal of the Andean highlands. It is often considered sacred and symbolizes strength, perseverance, and endurance in Andean cultures.

  • In certain Andean beliefs, the lama is seen as a protector. Talisman or a symbol of protection against evil.
  • The llama is an animal indigenous to the Andes, symbolizes a deep connection with nature and mountain environments.
  • The lama is often associated with modesty and humility, despite its strength.