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Trendy facial treatments at Runak

August 24, 2022

Les soins du visage tendances chez Runak - RUNAK

Having a skincare routine is a gift we give to our skin to keep it beautiful and healthy. This is why it is essential to integrate certain Runak products into your routine which will bring a noticeable change to your skin.

This year, it is necessary to integrate our make-up removing cleansing oil with squalane and lemongrass into your beauty routine.

Indeed, this cleansing oil has a soft texture, a purifying action and cleanses deeply. Your skin will not only be free of makeup but also of the impurities it has accumulated during the day.

Made with Maracuya oil , this treatment can be used for all skin types, since it is useful for protection and repair.


quinoa and apricot body scrub

One of the methods to take care of your skin is to exfoliate it constantly with our exotic fruit body scrub.

Produced from quinoa and apricot grains, this scrub nourishes all skin types and makes them softer and radiant. In fact, this product helps remove dead skin from your epidermis, leaving your skin hydrated, nourished and soft.

Here is the experience of one of our customers: “ Does not leave a greasy feeling, leaves the skin very soft with a slight smell of small fruit. I adore! »


If you start to notice the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin in your skin, it is crucial to include Rainforest Light Serum in your skincare routine.

Indeed, this serum based on aguaje oil is very effective since it has the function of smoothing, hydrating and illuminating your skin when the signs of aging surface.

Our luminous serum is ideal for all skin types and helps rejuvenate the appearance of the skin by improving the appearance of wrinkles and naturally regenerating the skin.

According to the experience of one of our customers, this serum is: “a wonder for her face, makes the complexion luminous and well hydrated. »


Vitamin C is one of the most popular active ingredients in 2022. Indeed, it helps tone the skin and makes the face more radiant and luminous. Vitamin C is the ideal product if you have dehydrated, dull or mature skin and can therefore be used in serum form.

Therefore, we advise you to try our antioxidant and anti-aging serum with Sacha Inchi which nourishes, hydrates and protects your face. Made with the best exotic oils from Peru, this serum smoothes your skin and gives it a more youthful appearance.

Here is the experience of one of our customers: “I love the Moisturizing Serum product. It applies very well and keeps the skin soft all day as well as looking great. With the cleanser just before it completes the ritual well. »


To take care of your skin in 2022, hands are no longer enough. Therefore, it is essential to opt for our Bian Gua Sha stone which not only offers a massage and stimulation to your skin but which also penetrates your various care products deeply.

In addition, the use of this stone makes the skin brighter and works on wrinkles. Thanks to the Gua Sha massage, the skin is illuminated, detoxified and dark circles under the eyes gradually disappear.

One of our customers shares her experience with this product: “This Bian stone is definitely the best stone for performing our facial Gua Sha massages. It is the perfect size and shape to perform this massage with gentleness, confidence and ease. Immediately after the massage, we feel our skin toned and illuminated.”

By using Runak products, you will see changes appear quickly. However, it is important that you are diligent in your skincare routine for an improvement to surface.

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