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GUA SHA - Piedra Bian


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The Bian Stone is a very special facial massage tool that helps tone and relax facial muscles and restore skin.

Our Gua Sha massage stone is different from those made with jade or quartz, it is made of a stone composed of three rare mineral elements that are beneficial for the human body, among them is Strontium, a The finest, smoothest calcite rock in the world, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to help heal the body.

The design of the stone is ideally designed to effectively reach areas such as the neck and face in order to enhance and tone the muscles of the skin and the body.

When the skin comes into direct contact with the Bian stone, it boosts blood and lymphatic micro-circulation, thus creating high-frequency ultrasonic pulses which are beneficial for the human body.

Pierre Bian for the Gua Sha massage technique

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used for hundreds of years to treat illnesses in traditional hospitals in China. Recommended mainly to soothe muscle pain (muscle relaxant) and eliminate toxins from the body, this scraping technique has many benefits for facial skin as well, restoring a luminous, smooth, fewer wrinkles and healthy complexion.

Benefits of Gua Sha massage:

* Promotes skin regeneration through deep stimulation of blood circulation

* Helps reduce wrinkles

* Detoxifies the skin

* Brightens the complexion

* Reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Why Pierre Bian?

Made of 100% authentic Bian stone is considered the best tool for Gua Sha massage, because the combination of the stone with the technique allows you to combine the healing benefits of the stone with the virtues of the technique.

Format: Larger than other stones, it is comfortable to hold in order to allow good handling when doing the massage-scraping of both the face and the body. Very well polished, it glides perfectly on the skin.


With clean skin (using Maracuja cleansing oil and your favorite floral water), apply MASSAGE nourishing serum (suitable for doing Gua Sha massage) and gently start the massage on one side of the face and finish on the other side.


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