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HE diffuser by nebulization

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This nebulization essential oil diffuser is the most efficient in terms of quality, projection into the air of particles extracted from your essential oils, comfort, elegance and distinction.

We offer a waterless essential oil diffuser in order to take full advantage of their benefits and in the most optimal way possible for our well-being.

The high-end machine ensures perfect diffusion of superior quality and projects the particles of essential oils into the air without heating them, so everything is done cold, thus allowing all of its properties and virtues to be retained.

Nebulization allows you to sanitize and purify the air in your home while fully enjoying your favorite scents.

Instructions for use: Once your essential oils have been placed in the tank, a silent pump generates a rapid and efficient flow of air which will propel fragrant particles of your essential oils into the air. Unlike other diffusers, this method does not require water and does not heat your oils. By avoiding diffusion through heating, you are assured of taking full advantage of the properties and therapeutic effects of your essential oils.

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Weight 500g

Color: Bone white base and very elegant orange gold aluminum top

Night Light: 9 different LED colors to display.

1 year warranty

The diffuser should only be used with pure essential oils or synergy of pure essential oils.

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