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What does Runak mean?

Runak brings the century-old know-how of the Incas in beauty treatments for the body, face and hair.

Inspired by the Quechua “Runa” which means human being, Runak transports us to Peru, country of origin of Maria, founder of the brand, where humans, plants and the earth are in symbiosis.

The oils used are extracted by hand according to Peruvian tradition and are cold pressed. RUNAK beauty oils come from exotic plants and fruits such as Maracuja (passion fruit), Sacha Inchi (called the peanut of the Incas), Aguaje (buriti) or Ungurahui (palm tree which produces olives). ). All products are made from quality oils.

Our products are assembled by hand by Maria in her workshop located in Quebec. Good discovery!

Discover the properties of natural exotic oils in Runak products.