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Why use beauty oils in our skincare routine?

October 28, 2022

Pourquoi utiliser des huiles de beauté dans notre routine de soin de la peau ? - RUNAK

First of all, a pure oil , from a 100% natural and organic source, unrefined and first cold pressed should be recommended when purchasing it.
beauty natural oils
A beauty oil nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the skin barrier. Its action is to help slow down the loss of water that occurs every day in our system. Therefore, the skin's hydrolipid film is reinforced.

A beauty oil with several natural active ingredients of interest for the health and beauty of the skin

Healing agents, among others

A beauty oil helps maintain the balance and hydration of the skin while protecting it from its environment

In synergy with a cream, each contributes in its own way to maintaining a good level of moisture in the skin.

A beauty oil is very light and has a dry, silky feel. So, it's good for most skin types. You have to choose which one would be best suited to your skin type.

They do not contain substances dangerous to the skin when they come from 100% natural and reliable sources.

They are extraordinary for giving facial massages.

A GOOD facial OIL can brighten the complexion, help eliminate acne and maintain good skin hydration regardless of skin type.
Beauty oils
Discover those of RUNAK from Peru

SACHA INCHI : nourishing, softening and soothing properties

COPAIBA : Soothing, Powerful NATURAL Anti-inflammatory, Relieves itching

AGUAJE : protect the skin from aging by fighting against skin dehydration and helps preserve its elasticity

MARACUJA : rich in fatty acids and vitamin C which helps prevent signs of skin aging.

BRAZIL NUTS : deeply nourishes the skin, helps prevent dehydration and helps repair damaged or sensitized epidermis

UNGURAHUI : Repair the hair fiber, Restore the health of the hair and scalp, Deeply nourish the hair fiber

buriti oil

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