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Our products suitable for the hot season

July 09, 2021

Nos produits adaptés pour la saison chaude - RUNAK

The skin constitutes our body envelope and we must take great care of it. At first glance, the task may seem complex. Firstly, you must first determine your skin type, then stay alert for external factors (pollution, dust, wind, smoke, heat, etc.). Then comes the test of the seasons again!

Theskin , just like any part of our anatomy, changes throughout the year. No matter your skin type, an adjustment of seasonal products will be necessary without throwing them out and disrupting your entire beauty routine. As the title suggests, we're turning our attention to summer. What are the essentials to treat your skin to face the heat and the scorching sun?

First of all, good hydration

We never tire of saying it. Good hydration is essential. Just like a plant, the warmer it is, the thirstier it becomes. How much water? Half your weight in ounces. So someone who weighs 140 pounds should drink at least 70 ounces of water. Add to this a large consumption of fruits and vegetables which constitute another source of water and vitamins.

Moisturizing facial serum for every need

Moisturizing body oil for all tastes

Floral waters for all tastes

Here are our essential summer skincare products:

In summer, opt for a light but nourishing cream that your skin can absorb quickly while providing a strong dose of hydration.

Recommended products: We suggest the Botanika brand sunscreen, because it has SPF 30 protection and has few ingredients including precious buriti oil , they are 100% natural and it is a Quebec brand.

  • Vitamin tanning oil based on precious aguaje, jojoba and carrot oils to receive vitamins from the sun while protecting your skin and giving it a beautiful long-lasting golden tan color.

  • After-sun oil based on our aguaje oil , calendula macerate and lavender essential oil to calm and soothe redness, irritation and sunburn by softening it and making it hydrated and well-illuminated.

  • The melting tan extender balm , to protect the skin from dehydration, prolong the beautiful tanned color and maintain the skin healthy while preventing the skin from peeling.

  • The refreshing and soothing mist based on Neroli water and Lavender essential oil

Goodbye to dead skin and dirt accumulation with a good facial exfoliant. This step is essential during the warmer months when your pores are more likely to be clogged. Watch your pores shrink and achieve a more balanced complexion.

  • Hair repair oil based on our precious Ungurahui oil , Brazil nut and essential oils of lime and rosemary for silky, nourished and shiny hair.

The excess sweat, oil and sebum that the skin produces in summer is a normal reaction to heat. A mask that includes clay removes impurities like oil, dirt, and other irritants that clog pores and make your skin look dull.

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