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The basics of good sun protection

August 08, 2022

Les bases d'une bonne protection solaire - RUNAK

The sun does us good, it gladdens our hearts and puts us in a good mood. As popular as it is, it still has harmful effects for our skin which is, remember, the largest organ in our body. What are the best tips for enjoying summer while protecting your skin? The Runak team shares valuable advice with you!

Practical advice

  • Apply sunscreen properly
Many people apply sunscreen , but use way too little. To obtain the indicated sun protection, you must apply a layer thick enough so that the skin is white, then work it in by massaging the product into the skin .
  • Wear clothes that protect us
Equip yourself with a wide-brimmed hat which remains a must-have both in fashion and to protect yourself from the sun's rays. At the beach or by the pool, it's good to have a towel or sarong to cover your legs and shoulders.
  • Go out when the sun is nicer
This may be a bit limiting, but remember to plan your outings so that they take place before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m., when the sun is less strong.
  • Take shelter
Look for the shadow. Certainly summer is the ideal time to work on your complexion, but that doesn't mean it's good to stay 3 hours on the terrace of our favorite restaurant sipping a good sangria. For those who work outside or who cannot avoid the sun, we refer you to the previous point: wear clothing that protects against the sun.
  • If the product is expired, throw it away
A product may expire one to two years after the date of purchase so pay close attention.
  • Prevention is better than cure, prevention above all else
You need to start protecting yourself from the sun as early as possible. We know that the sun is the most important external factor inskin aging and we are seeing more and more people with skin problems related to this.

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