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ARRAYAN (Peruvian Myrtle) - HE

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Peruvian Myrtle essential oil, Arrayan as it is called in Peru, is an oil used by the people of Peru, still today by certain healers from the Andes. Known in Peruvian folk medicine as an anti-oxidant and skin cleanser. Traditionally used for hair and skin care, specifically to help reduce excess oil and dandruff. Additionally, helps stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Properties: Helps regulate the endocrine system, soothing and calming the nervous system, anti-bacterial, stimulating tonic, helps combat fatigue, stress, anxiety, helps calm and balance emotions, air purifying, helps with well-being -be general, skin purifying (acne), helps reduce excess sebum in the skin and stimulates hair growth.

Marriage: Essential oils of Muña (munay), Eucalytus, lemongrass, Tea tree.

Aromatherapy : Brings well-being and helps calm the mind

Aroma: Attractive, exotic with herbaceous notes.

Ayurveda : Indicated to reduce Kapha and Vata problems.

Composition: 100% pure and natural essential oil: Luma Checken (Myrtle) Oil

Coming directly from Peru, this pure oil, extracted in a natural way, respecting our planet and part of fair and sustainable trade, is part of your natural care from now on. 

Usage precautions

Store tightly closed away from heat and light. Do not ingest. Do not apply to skin. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use on children under 6 years of age without prior medical advice.

15 ml format